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New Manual Available - CBL150D
2009-Jul-31 by Adam Honaker - Communications/Publications Manager

I'm pleased to announce that the CBL150D diesel hydrostatic beltloader manual is now available on this site.  It should now be available to all of our customers who own this vehicle.


2009-Jul-24 by Jennifer Cornelius

Charlatte always recommends that all technicians have the proper diagnostic tools for their vehicles. These tools provide more information about any troubles you may be experiencing which allows for more efficient troubleshooting & repair. Below is our list of part numbers for the diagnostic line of tools. These tools are now available for ordering here on this site or call the parts department.

For the Curtis Controller used on CBL2000AC, T137, CPB35E :

Curtis Handheld:

E01372-1 (handheld and cable)

E01372-2 (cable only 10ft)

The Curtis PC serial cable comes in two parts:

You will always need part number E01390-1. However to complete the cable you will only need one of either the E01390-2, -3 or -4 cables to make a complete diagnostic cable. The difference in E01390-2, -3 and -4 is just cable length and style.

E01390-1 Curtis serial connector

E01390-2 (2ft looped cable)

E01390-3 (25ft cable)

E01390-4 (10ft cable)

NOW AVAILABLE:  E01390-5 Curtis USB cable

For the Sevcon Powerpak controller used on CBL2000E, T135 :

Sevcon handheld:


E00780-2 (READ ONLY)

E00780-1 (CABLE ONLY)

For the Ballard Controller used on T137, T138 :

PC cable:


For the Sevcon Mos90/Millipak used on CBL150E, TE208 :

Sevcon handheld:


E00229-1 (cable for Millipak only)

PC cable:

E01404 (for Millipak only)

For the HED Controller used on CBL150-D :

H01220 (comes with Red Dongle)

For the GE EV200 Controller used on CBT300 :

GE handheld:


850100-1 (cable)

For the All Trax Controller used on the CTT-10 :

PC cable:


For the Sevcon MCM 610 Panel used on T135 :

Link Editor:


For the Zapi Controller used on TE203,206,T137 :



2009-Jun-12 by Martin Lock

Charlatte product training is available to all our customers at the manufacturing and design facility in Bluefield, VA for no charge. Customers would just need to arrange dates with myself. A maximum of 10 people per class is set.

Charlatte training is also available at the customers facility. The customer would be charged a daily fee and the instructors' expenses. As training is "hands on" a Charlatte vehicle would need to be present for the training class. Again a maximum of 10 people per class.

For any questions regarding Charlatte training please contact me either by phone or email.

Tel: 304 952 5239           Email:

T137 Curtis Display: Battery LED's
2009-Jun-11 by Martin Lock

Just wanted to let all know what the 5 battery LED's on the T137 Curtis display mean.

1. Green LED 5 on = battery at 100 - 84 %

2. Green LED 4 on = battery at 83 - 68 %

3. Green LED 3 on = battery at 67 - 52 %

4. Yellow LED 2 on = battery at 51 - 36 %

5. Red LED 1 on = battery at 35 - 20 %

6. Red LED 1 flashing = battery at 19 - 0 %

Please note that 0% on this scale is equal to 80% battery discharge. Therefore OK to run the T137 until the red LED is flashing.

New Manual Revisions
2009-Jun-09 by Adam Honaker - Communications/Publications Manager

I've released two new manual revisions for the T137 and CBL2000E-AC with Curtis controllers.  This is a small revision that now reflects the Charlatte specific fault codes for the Curtis systems and is listed under the troubleshooting section of Chapter 2. 

The T137 Manual is now revision D.

The CBL2000E-AC Manual is now revision B.

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