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T137 Headlights
2009-Nov-11 by Martin Lock

In 2010 the standard headlight on the T137 tractor is going to change from incandescent to halogen (LED headlights are an option).

The reason for the change is to reduce the amps being pulled from the DC-DC converter for the lights. This will of course save a small amount of battery power each day and allow more 12V options to be run off the converter.

T137 Hydraulic Pressure Checks
2009-Oct-22 by Martin Lock

The T137 vehicle comes with a quick test hydraulic port. The test port is next to the pressure switch on the pump motor assembly in the rear deck area. To use this test port requires the correct hose and adapter.

Charlatte part numbers H00707 (quick test connector and hose) and H00708 (adapter) can be used to get to a 1/4" NPT fitting (that can be used with standard hydraulic gages).

The hydraulic power steering system has a normal operating pressure range of 750-1150psi 50.

Relief valve is normally set to 1500psi 100 


A.C Motor Checks for the T137 and CBL2000E AC
2009-Oct-22 by Martin Lock

A.C. Motor Checks before installation

1. Check the insulation resistance of the windings. Phase stud to the frame should be greater than 10 M.Ohm.

2. Check phase to phase resistance. Any phase stud to any phase stud should be less than 0.1 Ohm. Make sure you test resistance of your meter and subtract this number from phase to phase reading.

3. Make sure there is no water in the motor.

4. Apply 12V across the red and black speed sensor wires. Now use a volt meter between the red and blue wires to record a varying voltage when the motor is turned. Move the volt meter lead from the blue wire to the white wire and again read a varying voltage when the motor is turned.  

A.C. Motor Checks after installation

a. Make sure motor is aligned correctly with the rear axle.

b. Make sure no washers or nuts between the motor cables and the controller cables.

c. Make sure the motor stud nuts have been tightened to 20Nm (14.75 lbft).

d. For the motor to run correctly the phase leads and the speed sensor feedback wires have to correspond.

i. If the motor is turning very slowly or just oscillating then try moving any two phase leads.

ii. If the motor is running but forward direction is slower than reverse direction this means the motor needs to have both it's phase and speed encoder swapped. To complete this, change the blue and white wire connections from the speed sensor and change any two phase leads over. 

T137 electrical tool and connnector kit
2009-Aug-25 by Martin Lock

Charlatte now has a connector and tool kit available for the T137 with either the Ballard or the Curtis controller.

T137 Ballard connector/tool kit is part nuumber K00057

T137 Curtis connector/tool kit is part number K00058

T137 with Curtis schematic drawing
2009-Aug-25 by Martin Lock

A schematic drawing is now available for the T137 with Curtis controller to go with the already published wiring diagram. If you require the schematic please send an email to me at and I will send you the schematic.

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