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Core returns
2009-Dec-31 by Martin Lock

To help Charlatte Of America keep the following parts in stock please return the parts listed below to Charlatte of America, (600 Mountain Lane, Bluefield, VA24605) when they fail.

Sevcon MCM610 logic cards, complete panels and regen boards.

Sevcon Powerpak's. Charlatte can now get the base unit of the Powerpak repaired.

Sevcon MOS90 controllers.

Curtis 1238 controllers.

LED lights
2009-Dec-31 by Martin Lock

Charlatte can offer replacement LED lights to all its customers. The reason to change over to LED lights is they have proven to be low maintenance and reduce the battery consumption during the time that lights are used.

Charlatte can offer a LED stop/tail light, LED headlights (requires new mount), LED amber light, LED reverse light, LED dome light, LED stop/tail/reverse/signal light. All these lights are available via Charlatte parts department. Note that some of these LED lights need a pigtail connector (again available via Charlatte parts department).

T135 / T137 Rear Tire Chain Part Number
2009-Dec-31 by Martin Lock
Just to let you all know a snow chain is available for the rear T135 / T137 wheels. Part number is W00057.
New Stop/Tail Light and Mount
2009-Dec-03 by Martin Lock
Charlatte of America is pleased to announce that a new stop/tail light and bracket is now available for all standard T135/137 units.Some customers have experienced a lot of physical damage to the rear lights when they are mounted on the side at the rear of the tractor. Therefore Charlatte of America now has a bracket that mounts on the rear deck that puts the stop/tail light inboard and less prone to be damaged. There will be a kit available for any interested parties that will include harness, 2 lights, 2 grommets and 2 mounts. Drilling of the rear deck will be required to install the new light bracket and run the harness. For anyone interested the kit is part number K00061. This kit will not work if you have the PONYA kit installed on your T135/137.
USB to serial adapter
2009-Nov-11 by Martin Lock

Charlatte of America recommends using the Belkin USB-to-Serial Portable Adapter when trying to connect a computer, with no serial port, to the Curtis PC cable (part numbers E01390-1 and E01390-2).

You can purchase the Belkin adapter here

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